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Am I Eligible for Hospice Care?
One of the ways that a patient can qualify for hospice care is that they need to be diagnosed with a terminal illness that has a prognosis of 6 months and the patient and their family have elected to receive palliative care.
What Is Hospice Care?
This type of care focuses on caring for patients who are diagnosed with a terminal illness. The staff will focus on ensuring that the client is comfortable and free of any pain.
How Is Hospice Care Paid For?
We accept various types of insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, and more.
Where Does Hospice Take Place?
The majority of hospice care is conducted in their own homes or the homes of their loved ones. Home is a very broad term and can apply to nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospitals, and others.
How Does Hospice Care Work?
Hospice care is typically done together with the family members who are serving as the individual’s caregiver. The hospice staff will make regular visits to assess how the patient is doing and provide additional care when needed.

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